Why I like to create fan art.

My latest craving started back around the 21st of july 2021, I was stuck indoors with nothing else to do when I thought to myself. "Why don't I drew something I like." So I got onto photoshop, pulled out the pencil tool and started to think. "What do I like?" This is important for any fan-artist, you need to start with an idea before you start any art.

Here's an old fan-art animation that I made a couple years ago:

I believe this to be what had originaly created the spark for my love of creating fan-art.

I really enjoy making fan-art because of the freeroam you have over it, the only restrictions on a persons work is of their own choosing!

You can have the character(s) doing whatever you want them to do and wherever you want the character(s) to be.

Fan-art is a great way to express your creativity, I really enjoy it and I reckon that anyone who tries it will also find it just as enjoyable as I do.